Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inquiry and Investigation, using QR codes to promote the school library program

The school year has started and along with it comes those dreaded “professional developments” unless you’re in a progressive district as I am and they are now called “professional learning opportunities”.  Undoubted, the term opportunity is often translated to mean mandatory creating an atmosphere for resistance. On a mission to change the dynamics of professional learning from “sit and get” to “inquiry and investigation” I utilized QR codes to engage my staff in learning about the upcoming year of library services.

It’s not as daunting as it seems! Use this tips below to enhance collaboration and engagement with your staff.

Identify patron (teacher’s) needs
What information is vital for your staff to know? Think about information that is pertinent but doesn’t require in-depth explanation. 

Mentally survey your teachers and identify the “tech tool” that would best meet their needs.  For example, if your staff is “tech-savvy” you may use QR codes for informational retrieval then their task would be to create a Thinglink about what they’ve learned.

Getting everyone on board
Create your space; make sure that tables are arranged for increased collaboration. Ask teachers to work in pairs and/or teams to complete the task.  Encourage teachers to try something new even if it’s scary!

Be honest with yourself and participants. Ask for their feedback and evaluate if participants not only learned the information but enjoyed the process.

In closing, just step out!

Guest Blogger,
MNPS Librarian

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