Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why You Should be Reading Young Adult Literature!

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to Young Adult Literature. I hear a lot of jokes from colleagues (obviously, not my librarian friends though!) about how I love reading teenage books, but seriously I don’t care. My love for these amazing books began when I was a high school librarian, as I wanted to know what my students were reading. I didn’t realize five years later, I would still love going to the Nashville Public Library Teen area to get the latest YA book.

For those of you still laughing and thinking I am a crazy person (there are some that may agree with you!), here are 5 reasons why you should pick up a YA novel today!

  1. The books get to the point. In this crazy, busy world we live in, I don’t have time to go through 200 pages to get to the meat of the story. YA novels are exciting from start to finish and hook you in from the beginning.
  2. The emotions are real. The past five YA books I have read truly struck my soul. Falling in love, break ups, friends dying and dealing with family issues; the authors makes the reader feel the emotions.  This isn’t every once in a while, but every page, every chapter. You will feel for these characters, there is no way around that.
  3. YA authors are the best on social media. Look on Twitter and you will find them all- John Green, Ruta Sepetys, Rainbow Rowell, seriously the list could go on and on. The best part, they love interacting with their readers (including adults!).
  4. Your favorite books will be on the big screen soon! Look at the success of The Hunger Games & Divergent, chances are you will see your favorite characters come to life. 
  5. Everyone is doing it! A recent New York Times article discussed the rise in YA literature being read by “grown adults”.  This is one instance, where I truly believe everyone should follow the crowd. 

I encourage you to read a YA book today. I can almost guarantee you will be hooked from the first chapter! 

Peace, Love & YA Books!
Stephanie Ham- Lead Librarian

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