Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Improving Retell & Fluency

There are big smiles all over my school this week ….we’ve begun checking out our supplemental items!  In an effort to improve retells and fluency, we purchased items for students to check out for those purposes.  Everyone is excited about the books with puppets the most!  We scoured the dollar bins at Target and the Dollar store and purchased some from the book fair.  Each pouch has a book and puppet for students to check out, read and practice a retell. 

Students also like to check out books on cd along with a hardcopy of the books.  Students get a chance to hear a fluent reader and LOVE them!  Our library either purchases the book on cd from companies like Scholastic or has a guest reader read it into a microphone.  Related arts teachers, classroom teachers and students that are great readers are sure to be favorites. 

As we introduce our students to authors, our author bags have become popular, too.  Each bag is filled with an author-signed copy of the book and has a bio with picture of the author.  It’s been fun to see how many students treasure these author-signed books.  We wanted to put them in the hands of students instead of keeping them on a shelf!

Each of these items described above has a “one night” check out.  This ensures that all students get a chance to enjoy them and that the puppets, etc. don’t get lost in the toy box at home.  You should see how proud our kids are as they walk back to class and as they leave for the day.  It’s a really big deal! Once the items come back the following day, students return the item in a bucket that is placed in the hallway.  Having the bucket out in the hall has proven to be very helpful and students are less likely to keep them more than one night.  If you are interested in any of these ideas and want to talk about it….don’t hesitate to give me a ring.

MNPS Librarian

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  1. Great idea! I want to do it! Where did you get the plastic bags and pouches? And how did you pay for them?