Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What do I put in my Makerspace?*

In December MNPS librarians went on two Makerspace Tours. A small group of us travelled to 8 different Makerspaces (on day for elementary and one day for secondary). Based on what we saw in those libraries (and other's) we created a Makerspace items list. This is by no means an exhaustive list of items...but it should get you started! 

Craft/Art supplies
Building tools
           Paper (all varieties!)
      Writing utensils (all varieties!)
      Pipe cleaners
     Popsicle sticks
     Rubber bands
     Sewing machine

     Snap cubes
      Keva planks

Tech tools
Electronic devices
     Little Bits
     Snap Circuits
     3-D printer
      Green screen
     Bee Bots

         - Ipads
         - Wacom
     Camera(s) (photo & video)
     Video editing
     Photo editing
     Computer animated design (CAD)

     Storage cabinets
       Flip & nest tables
     Plastic tubs

*Anything students can use to create, explore, discover, play, design & build!

Team Library

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