Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Year, New Look!

A new year sparks something in me to change. This year that spark hit me as I walked back into my library after winter break. I found myself ready to do a little rearranging. Our library at Pennington Elementary is a pretty small space but I try to make it a welcoming, warm, and friendly space for our school community. As I began to think about the possibilities on how this space could be used in a more conducive way for learning and using technology, I began to envision what this new space would look like. I began by moving my circulation desk opposite the library’s entrance. It was stuck back in the far corner of the library. This made it difficult to use technology during lessons with my projector screen at the opposite end. And, I just felt trapped back in the corner. I also love the desk in its new home because if I’m busy checking in/out or working I can still greet my students coming into the library. I love being able to welcome my students by name with a friendly smile every chance I get.

Next, I moved all of our easy book shelves together so that the story time carpet could be moved up toward the projector screen. I felt like this is a better spot for elementary aged students. I also moved the carpet so it would further away from our entrance, which can be a very busy place. I think this will help with our students being more focused since the distraction of entering/exiting is further away from them.

One last bonus in the rearranging is that I was able to create more book display area at the library’s entrance. All in all I am very happy with our new library space! Maybe you’ll get the spark to make a few changes as well!

MNPS Librarian

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