Thursday, March 3, 2016

Live in the Library

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know about something kind of cool we’ve been doing at Hunters Lane. For the last year or two we’ve been producing a program here called “Live in the Library.” The idea for this came about after realizing that there was an abundance of talent among our students and faculty that wasn’t being show-cased. We have a great talent show every year in the Fall, but wanted to do something on a regular basis that would give people a chance to show off their abilities. 

“Live in the Library” happens once a month (usually the last Friday of the month) and takes place during one lunch. What we try to do is find musicians, singers, dancers, and others who perform, to be part of a variety show that is free for all to attend. We attempt to bring in a diverse group of talent (we’ve even had a Yoyo demonstration by the President of the Nashville Yoyo Club) and change things up every month. 

So far, the program has been very well attended and received by students and staff alike. The kids love seeing their teachers get up there and sing, dance or play an instrument. We’ve even had one of our School Resource Officers sing a B.B. King song and some other blues tunes.

We have discovered that kids relate better to the adults here at Hunters Lane when they see them in a different setting and role. Everyone has a lot of fun and our Principal loves it! (She posts pictures of performances on our school’s Facebook page). 

As a musician, I have fun with “Live in the Library” every month and enjoy arranging and performing music with a lot of talented kids. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

I know how busy we all are with our normal daily duties at school, but highly encourage you to try something like this at your school. You’ll be happy with the outcome! Thanks!


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