Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Opportunities for Bragging Rights

I just held the school-wide spelling bee in the library. I enjoy every aspect, but my favorite part is knowing that a young man gets to experience the pride of knowing that he is the top speller out of approximately 700 students at Croft Middle School. He now owns those bragging rights for the rest of his life; his grandchildren will likely hear about it! Maybe, when he is in his forties, he will post the yearbook photo on Facebook as a TBT.

Here are some newspaper clippings from my glory days that I have posted for TBT (I just had to include the one of me collecting cans to buy books for the library!) 

I suspect many of you also have your own treasured memories of your school successes. It isn’t until just now that I realize that without my teachers making these things possible, I would not have them. They made the effort to organize the essay contest and the Fourth grade 4-H club election, and to even call the newspaper! Now I’m the one who gets to make things happen, and what a blessing! Now that I’m on this side, I am happy to take my turn providing opportunities for students to have success.

As the one in charge of the hub of the school, it only makes sense that I take on responsibility for such school-wide events, especially the Spelling Bee. We share the same goal and beliefs, as quoted from the executive director of Scripps National Spelling Bee in a recent press release about their new sponsorship from Kindle for next year, “We want to help students be the best readers, writers, speakers and listeners… Before our students were great spellers, they were great readers.”

The deadline has passed for this year, but If your school doesn’t already host a spelling bee, you may want to mark your calendar for next year’s registration with Scripps National Spelling Bee, which opens in October. The fee is $136. I also enjoy holding the National Geographic Bee. Registration opens in September with a $100 fee.

Now, I look forward to accompanying my school winner to the 2016 Tennessee Titans Regional Bee at Nissan Stadium.

I suppose this post could come across as me tooting my own horn, but it sure feels good to give someone else a horn to toot!

School librarians impact and influence young lives in myriad awesome ways ---making it happen every day. Toot! Toot!

MNPS Librarian

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