Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Get to know...Cami Townsel!

Cami is the librarian at Martin Luther King, Jr Academic Magnet school. She was also voted by her peers as High School Librarian of the Year for 2016! If you ask anyone about Cami they will tell you she is the epitome of grace and poise.

Get to know me...
1. A Nashville spot that I frequent is The Performing Arts Center. I enjoy going to events at the TPAC. My most recent event was seeing the musical, Matilda. Every librarian should see this musical…it speaks to the love of books, beauty of storytelling/imagination.

2. My favorite book in high school was Ralph Ellison’s, Invisible Man. As an adult I can’t say that I have a favorite book/author because I connect with each book differently. My favorite genre is non-fiction.

3. I decided to become a librarian based on multiple conversations I had with a now retired librarian. He shared with me his joy of this profession and felt that I would share the same joy.

4. I have visited the places that I previously dreamed of visiting. A couple of years ago I visited London, England and Paris, France. Both of these destinations were places I had longed to visit.

5. I think life is better with dance!
Get to know my library…
1. Some of my students' favorite library resources are…Anime/manga books!

2. I am happiest when the library has classes scheduled in the library, and students are engaged.

3. I would love to have more space in the library. :)

4. The library is busiest during lunch time. MLK’s students have 45 minutes open lunch, and many of the students like to come to the library during this time.

5. The library is quietest when students are independently working or reading.

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