Thursday, April 28, 2016

Get to know...Carolyn Bonde!

Carolyn is the librarian at Caldwell Elementary. This is her first year as a MNPS librarian. She came into Caldwell library after the position had been vacant for several months. But she immediately built a strong relationship with school administration and has since completely transformed the library's programming and instruction. She's really done an amazing job and we are lucky to have her.

Get to know me…
1.     My family includes my husband Brad, 8 ½ year old daughter Bailey and 6 ½ year old son Crosby.
2.     My favorite local Nashville spot is SATCO.  We have been together since I was 17 and first moved to town.  Salmonella tried to break us up but college memories are stronger than alleged ailments. 
3.     If you could eliminate one librarian stereotype it would be that all librarians shush their patrons.  Not the cardigan wearing though because cardigans are cool for this librarian.  Plus buns are super stylish and not at all the laziest way to do one’s hair every single day.    
4.     My favorite book is Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks.  Rick Riordan is making a strong play for favorite author since he is the reigning champ for the 3rd grader.   
5.     I decided to become a school librarian because I had been serving in an unofficial capacity for a few years for my bookworm/daughter.  She strongly disagrees with gender stereotyping of books and craves a challenge.  Her passion for reading and exhausting our family finances to feed her addiction led us to the library.  Hours and hours at the library led me to seek a degree.  Consequently I have the best job in the world according to the now 8 ½ year old bibliophile. 
6.     I would love to travel to all fifty states.  I have been to 30 so far so clearly need to get my head in the game!
7.     I think life is better with compassion and compromise.  Plus chips and queso…

Get to know my library…
1.     Some of my students' favorite library resources are football books, scary books, graphic novels and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. 
2.     One of my biggest libraries fails was trying to do it all at the same time.  I learned that the school year is not a sprint but a marathon and careful and considerate planning leads to success.
3.     My biggest success as a school librarian has been increasing student interest in the library.  I have worked to change the school culture regarding book choice and noise. Talking is allowed and encouraged in the library. 
4.     I’m happiest when my library is well used and loved.  I love watching students fall in love with a book and share that excitement with a classmate or five :)
5.     I would love to have a Makerspace in my library.  We have so many creative minds that need an outlet and I would love to provide that opportunity in the library. 
6.     The thing I love most about my library is who uses it.  I love that it is a helping library where students come when overwhelmed or inspired, teachers come for collaboration and parents come for resources. 

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