Saturday, April 9, 2016

Get to know...Eugenia Forman!

Eugenia Forman is the librarian at Una Elementary School. She got to meet George W. Bush! While campaigning for president he visited her library on a trip to Nashville in 1999!

Get to know me…

1. My husband, Jan, and I have two children. Lorri Forman Mast (husband: Brian) is a third grade teacher at Crieve Hall Elementary School. Lorri and Brian have two children. Our son Lance Forman (wife: Katie) is the principal at Smith Springs Elementary School. Our children are products of lifelong educators. My husband has taught all three tiers of public school, and has been a Minister of Christian Education and a university administrator. He currently works with the foundation of a teacher’s organization.

2. One of my secret talents is decorating. I love to decorate and arrange my library and my home! You can find me on Saturdays shopping at garage or estate sales looking for antiques or something of interest for the library. Visit the Una Library and you will find some of my purchases!

3. My newest local Nashville spot is Donato’s Pizza on West End. Oh, of course, my all-time favorite is Arnold’s on Eighth Avenue!

4. Jan Brett is one of my favorite children’s authors. Her books are so colorful and interesting. Some of her books are about places she has visited. One I particularly like is Honey…Honey…Lion! It is a story from Africa and can be used across the curriculum.

5. The literary character I could most identify with is Amelia Bedelia. I love how she interprets Idioms literally. There are so many teachable moments in her books. An Amelia Bedelia moment for me was many years ago when Lance was giving me a website address while we were on the phone. He came to the dot in the address and I thought he meant for me to spell it, “dot”! Oh what a laughable moment, (for him). Notice that I underlined, many years ago!!!

6. I want my school children to think of me, the librarian, as loving, fun and approachable for questions. I do not want to be the prim and proper librarian who cannot smile and laugh and have fun with the students.

7. My desire to be a librarian stems from my love of reading. My mother used to say to me when we were traveling in the car, “Look out both sides”, (I was reading) J. I can remember playing school on my big front porch in Florida. Another memory is my third grade teacher reading a chapter book to the class. I loved that time of the day when she would read to us.

Get to know my library….

1. For the younger readers in my library, the favorite resources are the Elephant and Piggie books (Mo Willems, author) Oh, and the girls love the Princess and Barbie books!

The older students love the playaways and the iPads. The books in the Dewey number 741 are a favorite hangout for our students. They LOVE these books.

2. One of the biggest successes as a librarian has been to create an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and inquiry. The setting is beautiful, warm and fuzzy for all ages. Adults come to our school and visit our library and are in awe of what they observe. The comments are so rewarding and the hard work that went into making this happen has been worth every minute. The students have to bring a timer to the library to make sure they get back to the classroom on time. I love their desire to just hang out with us!!!!

3. I am happiest when the library is brimming with students learning how to use the library and its resources. We have tutoring, checkout, research on computers, students taking AR tests, students helping each other find resources and helping with checkout; all happening at the same time. It is very rewarding to see the students becoming independent library users.

4. One way that I collaborate with teachers is via teachers observing what I am teaching to another class and then they want the same lesson for their class… Works very well for all. Sometimes the whole grade level wants the same lesson. Whatever works for them, works for me!

5. I would love to have more iPads for the library. The students enjoy using them every chance they get to sneak into the library.

6. The thing I love about my library is that it is the hub of the school. It is the “come to place” for everything. If the teacher needs something, where do they come first….the library of course! Love it!

7. Every library needs a librarian who loves their job!!!

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