Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Get to know...Kay Thiele

Kay is the librarian at Stratford High, although, she is taking early retirement this year in order to spend more time with her first grandchild expected this summer! She's very excited and we are excited for her and wish her the best!

Get to know me…
1.     My family includes…Married to my best friend, Roger.  Getting ready to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in April!  We have two sons: Jonathan who is a new board certified Psychiatrist in Denver and married to Carrie.  David is an IT Specialist in Houston and married to Megan-they are expecting our first grandchild in June!!!!
2.     My secret talent is…I’m really strong!  I work out with a trainer and lift weights, box, etc!
3.     My favorite local Nashville spot is…a great walk around Radnor lake!
4.     If you could eliminate one librarian stereotype it would be…boring, shy, and no personality!
5.     My favorite book or author is…All the Light We Cannot See….awesome book!
6.     My warning label would be…”Do not handle if she is hungry!”
7.     I decided to become a school librarian because…there were two ALA accredited library schools where we lived in Texas (Denton) and my husband said…”just take one class and see how you like it!”….I LOVED it!
8.     I would love to travel to…New Zealand and Australia….I’ve been around the world, but never down under!
9.  I think life is better with…exercise, clean eating, and spending time with my family!

Get to know my library…
1.     My biggest success as a school librarian has been…being flexible and being an encourager.
2.     You're happiest when your library…has lots of students reading and studying and checking out!
3.     The thing I love most about my library is…lots of room for students to spread out and have their own space…students like having a quiet space to come to everyday…’s a haven for them.
4.  I think every library needs… a happy, healthy librarian!

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