Monday, April 11, 2016

Get to know...Kimberly Kelton!

This is Kimberly's first year as a MNPS librarian,  however, she is not new to education. She was a classroom teacher before transitioning into the library this year and we must say she has made the transition beautifully! Also, another fun fact about Kimberly is she used to get to paid to play with toys! She once worked for a department store and got to test and select toys for the store's catalog.

Get to know me…

1.     My family includes…My husband Tim, son Paul, and Sparky, our Jack Russell Terrier.
2.     My secret talent is…I’m a budding pool shark.
3.     My favorite local Nashville spot is…Radnor Lake
4.     If you could eliminate one librarian stereotype it would be…that all she can does is read books and say “shhhh.”
5.     My favorite book or author is…OK, there are way too many… JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Gone With The Wind, Hatchet, I guess I like adventure and history, and …
6.     My warning label would be…do not approach the Library Lady if she has not had coffee.
7.     The literary characters I most identify with is…Hermione Granger and Scarlett O’Hara
8.     I decided to become a school librarian because…Tia Tate talked me in to it.
9.     I would love to travel to…anywhere! Give me a road map and a tank of gas and I’m there!
10.  I think life is better with…chocolate and coffee

Get to know my library…

1.     Some of my students' favorite library resources are…graphic novels
2.     One of my biggest libraries fails was…
a.     I learned…not to assume that just because a student is in 8th grade, then they understand how Dewey works.
3.     My biggest success as a school librarian has been…Blending technology in my lessons
4.     You're happiest when your library…is humming and busy with students
5.     One way I collaborate with teachers…we plan lessons together and teach them together.
6.     I would love to have  a Makerspace in my library.
7.     The thing I love most about my library is…the beautiful windows
8.     My library is busiest when…I least expect it.
9.     My library is quietest when…I least expect it.
10.  I think every library needs…an assistant!!!!!

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