Thursday, April 21, 2016

Get to know...Nicole Smith!

Nicole Smith is the librarian at Bellevue Middle Prep. Amanda Smithfield (MNPS librarian & SLJ Mover & Shaker) swears she is the best science teacher she has ever seen! They worked together at Martha Vaught Middle School.

Get to know me…

1. My family includes my awesome husband, Oliver and lovely, pre-teen daughter, Gabrielle.

2. If I could eliminate one librarian stereotype it would be that librarians have an easy job. Our job is certainly not easy; however, it is fun on most days. We are teachers too. Our days are not filled with reading and shelving books.

3. My favorite book or author is…Dr. Seuss is my favorite author because I can vividly remember learning how to read with his books. His books opened the window for my love of reading.

4. I decided to become a school librarian because as a classroom teacher in Metro, I had two amazing librarians, Jeanette Lambert and Amanda Smithfield. They oozed passion and enthusiasm for the library, students, and learning. They were my best allies while teaching.

5. I think life is better with a four day work week ;)

Get to know my library…

1. Some of my students' favorite library resources are Limitless Libraries materials, computers, and pre-pub titles.

2. I’m happiest when my library has students engaged in good books, conversations, and learning.

3. I would love to have a maker space & eating area in my library.

4. The thing I love most about my library is MY STUDENTS! I love their individual personalities.

5. My library is busiest first thing in the morning, in between classes, during recess, lunch, and dismissal.

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