Monday, April 25, 2016

Get to know...Sandra Jarreau!

Sandra is the librarian at Joelton Elementary. One her favorite lessons was teaching the seasons because she had a huge tree in a courtyard right outside her library. But sadly the tree was recently cut down :(

Get to know me…
1.     My family includes… My husband Sid and my two sons Brad and Jacob.
2.     My secret talent is… I crochet afghans.
3.     If you could eliminate one librarian stereotype it would be… that we wear half glasses down our nose and always go shhhh.
4.     My favorite book or author is… Gordan Korman for chapter books and the Froggy series in picture books.
5.     I decided to become a school librarian because… when I taught 6th grade, the students would not read a book for anything. Because of this, I went back to school to add my library degree to instill a love of reading in my students.
6.     I would love to travel to… Ireland.
7.  I think life is better with…books.

Get to know my library…
1.     Some of my students' favorite library resources are… computers.
2.     You're happiest when your library…when students are excited about books they are reading.
3.     One way I collaborate with teachers…is to catch them informally in the hall and discuss a unit we can teach together. Also, when teachers ask me to pull books for them, I will discuss a lesson I can do with their students dealing with the books I am pulling.
4.     The thing I love most about my library is… the size!
5.     My library is busiest when…it’s morning check out.

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