Friday, April 22, 2016

Get to know...Susan Echols!

Susan Echols is the librarian at Maxwell Elementary School. In addition to her passion for developing young readers, she has a passion for animals. Not only is she a librarian, she and her husband also have a farm with all kinds of animals on it. They have pigs, goats, chickens, dairy cows, rabbits, and more!

Get to know me…
1.     My family includes… husband, four children (and the spouses of three of them), seven grandchildren
2.     My secret talent is… I love building furniture.
3.     If you could eliminate one librarian stereotype it would be… that libraries need to be completely quiet!
4.     My favorite book or author is… There are too many favorites to choose just one. James Patterson is one of them at the top of my list. The Little House series has long been a favorite from my childhood.
5.     I decided to became a school librarian because… I love helping children discover a love of books.
6.     I would love to travel to… Scotland, Ireland, and Australia.
7.  I think life is better with… laughter/humor.

Get to know my library…
1.     Some of my students' favorite library resources are… Limitless Libraries
2.     One of my biggest libraries fails was… when the administration did not allow me to freely plan anything for the library.
a.     I learned… a supportive administrator is crucial to a successful library program.
3.     My biggest success as a school librarian has been… working with a student daily who started the year hating to read but was one of my most enthusiastic patrons by the end of the school year.
4.     You're happiest when your library… is full of students excited about being in the library.
5.     One way I collaborate with teachers… is to hunt them down and corner them.
6.     I would love to have  _____ in my library. A BATHROOM!
7.     The thing I love most about my library is… working with my awesome library clerk!
8.     My library is busiest when… we are getting ready to go on a break.
9.     My library is quietest when…there is testing or field trips.
10.  I think every library needs… a clerk as awesome as the one here at Maxwell!

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