Monday, July 25, 2016

Meet New to MNPS, Librarian, Katelyn Jernigan

Let's get to know Katelyn Jernigan, new librarian at Tusculum Elementary!

1. Tell us about your family/pets:

       I just moved to Nashville from Madison, AL, (next to Huntsville) where my parents still live. My mom ,Mary Beth, is retired and spends time running an antique booth and my dad, Dave, works for the sheriff's office. My sister Sarah lives in Mobile and is a social worker. I live here in Nashville with my orange medium hair tabby cat ,Sammy. 

2. Tell us your professional background:

     I went to Auburn University and majored in Elementary Education. I have taught 4th and 2nd grade in both private and public school. In May, I finished my Master's degree in Library Media from the University of West Alabama. 

3.  Why did you become a librarian?
      I decided to became a librarian because I have always loved bringing books into the classroom. I also love helping students find a book that they are excited to read. Technology is now a big part of the library and I always enjoy integrating technology into the curriculum. Also, no one has more fun than the librarian!

4. What’s your favorite book?
     Even though it sounds cliché, I credit Harry Potter for turning me into a reader, so it is my favorite book(s). Half Blood Prince is my favorite in the series. 
5. MNPS LOVES our librarians- tell us why you are thrilled to be a part of our team?
     I am excited to join MNPS because have already felt so welcome. I have been given a mentor who I know will be a great asset during my first year as a librarian. I am also glad to know that I am not the only one who is new. I am excited to learn more about Limitless Libraries because it seems like a valuable resource for the students. 

6. What are you most excited about implementing at your school?
      Since my school has a large population of English language learners, I want to implement programs that would be most beneficial to them. I would also like to have library leaning centers and activities to help problem solving skills.

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