Monday, August 15, 2016

Meet new to MNPS, Librarian Ginger Kirchmyer

Let's get to know Ginger Kirchmyer, new librarian at Hunters Lane High!
Tell us about your family/pets:
           I have 2 grown children (son Davison is 24 and daughter Kameri is 27). I have one grandson; his name is Shepard, and he is 18 mo. old; I have a grandbaby on the way, due March 5th. My best bud is my English Bulldog Achilles. He's 5, and we go everywhere together.

Tell us your professional background:

        I'm a National Board Certified Teacher ELA/AYA; I have 18 years of classroom experience teaching English and as a Literacy Coach. I received my MLIS in 2014, and I have been a school librarian for 4 years. I LOVE being a librarian. My favorite part of the job is utilizing technology and helping others to do that. 

Why did you become a librarian? 
         I became extremely disenchanted with Education and decided I needed to try to do something that made a bigger impact than just working within the classroom. I have a big heart for teachers, and I want to do what I can to support them. I feel like they have so many expectations and so little support as they work to improve the future of our students.

What’s your favorite Book? 
      Voices in the Wind trilogy by Francine Rivers

MNPS LOVES our librarians- tell us why you are thrilled to be a part of our team? 
     The MNPS librarians are so friendly and helpful. I love that you have such an impressive system in place. I already feel like I have so much support. And the partnership with Nashville Public Libraries is amazing. So many opportunities for PD and professional support. This was a smart move! 
What are you most excited about implementing at your school?
 The new website! It's going to help teachers and students quickly and effectively find info they need to complete their academic goals
Bonus picture of Achilles (and Ginger!)

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