Thursday, September 8, 2016

I started my librarian career with an amazing space; one with trees, murals, and space galore. This past year I transferred to a school that is currently under construction and has major limited space issues…. I mean MAJOR. We have teachers holding groups under stairwells. What?!?! J I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones. I actually have a classroom… well half a classroom to be exact. I am currently sharing my space with the reading specialist. So the two people in the building with the most amount of materials in one space….hmmmm?!?!? When I first moved in, the space looked like an overcrowded UPS truck exploded into my room.
After much work and creativity I was able to transform this space into something usable and if I do say so myself a welcoming and cute place. I’m pretty happy with the space but am glad it’s only a temporary spot until my newly renovated library is done in the spring. In the temporary space I made the decision to only house the Everybody (easy) section. Limitless Libraries will be my saving grace for all non-fiction/fiction needs.
Note to self (and all others reading this blog): cardboard boxes make a great temporary shelves; they hold the books, divide them, make great columns, and the books are already packed up and ready to be moved to the new space. J