Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alison Maliszewski Brooks, Librarian at Apollo Middle

Get to know me!
1.  My family includes...too many people to list! haha  My immediate family is just my husband, Noah and our cat, Thomas.  I also have parents, a sister, brother-in-law, and nephew nearby, as well as LOTS of in-laws!
2.  My secret talent is...speaking with a British accent.  It's my superpower when I need the kids to really listen.
3.  My favorite local Nashville spot is... Arrington Vineyards!
4.  If you could eliminate 1 librarian stereotype it would be... that my job is somehow "easier" than a classroom teacher's.  It's different, but has just as many challenges.
5.  My favorite book or author is... Madeleine L'Engle.  I love many of her books, but A Ring of Endless Light really shaped me when I was growing up.
6.  The literary character I most identify with is... oh, probably Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables.  Not in looks or in family situation, but in her very humanness--that she is flawed yet loveable, and also because she grows up to be a teacher.  I read her entire series when I was younger and loved them all.
7.  I decided to become a school librarian because...I get to work with ALL the kids in a school, not just "my class."
8.  I would love to travel to... New Zealand.  I love traveling, and that is at the top of my list of dream places to go!
9.  I think life is better with... books and laughter!

Get to know my library!
1.  Some of my student's favorite library resources are... Culturegrams, playaways, DVDs, and any Anime/Manga books, and of course, using Limitless Libraries!
2.  I am happiest when my library is... bustling and full of students!
3.  One way I collaborate with teachers is... by co-planning lessons using whatever resources are available--from Traveling Trunks to the Dewey Decimal obstacle course!
4.  I would love to have...a clone so maybe my to-do list would get done every day... haha!
5.  The thing I love most about my library is... seeing students', parents', and teachers' reactions to how big and beautiful it is!
6.  My library is busiest gets close to PBL project time or I am collaborating.
7.  My library is quietest when...there's a school-wide event going on elsewhere in the building.
8.  I think every library needs... an amazing library clerk to help keep everything going wonderfully!

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