Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Joyce Claassen, Librarian at Hillsboro High School

Get to know me!

1. I am made up of one part Missouri and one part Florida and we have 4 beautiful MNPS babies. Emi, a senior who will be attending UTC in the fall. Marlee a junior, Mac a West End 7th grader, and Jameson a Sylvan Park Kindergartner. 

2. My secret talent, if you needed someone to catch an alligator, I'd be your gal. (it's a Florida thing... #saltlife #swamplife #mylifegrowingup )

3. My Nashville Spot is McNamara's or Sam's Sports Bar at The Cove aka Old Hickory lake. 

4. Librarian Stereotypes to abolish? Mean Librarians

5. I am the unofficial president of the Kate DiCamillo and Ruta Sepetys Fan Club.

6. Anne Shirley is my Kindred Spirit.

7. I became a school librarian after being a teacher for years and realized I loved helping & teaching all the kids & the teachers too! Also, I'm a sucker for picture books. 

8. I would love to travel to Europe... all of it. 

9. I am making up #9 because it wasn't listed... My favorite genre is Historical Fiction.

10. I think life is better at the beach.

Get to know my library!

1. Some of my students favorite resources are Gale databases & The Awesome Box ( that craft supply box you need to help you awesome up your projects. )

2. I'm happiest when my library has students looking for books and asking research questions. 

3. One way I collaborate with teachers is over coffee. I have an espresso machine in the back office and I can easily carve out a quick collaboration moment with teachers.

4. I would love to have Neil Gaiman as an author visit. I would make him a Burrocano on my espresso machine.
5. The thing I love the most at my library is all the windows with the natural light that highlights all my beautiful books & beautiful patron faces. ( Also October when the pumpkin patch is outside my window and December when the Christmas tree farm is outside my window and April when all of the flowers are outside my window.)
6. My library is busiest from 6:30am -3 pm... always busy... always.

7. My library is quietest at 6pm on a Friday night and the only glow is my computers, the Green Hills Mall Traffic, and the neon red Donut Den sign the shines in from the south end of my library.

8. I think every school library needs someone who is equally passionate about helping students & teachers.

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