Thursday, April 6, 2017

Laura Youmans, Librarian at Oliver Middle School

Get to know me!

1.  My family includes my husband, Rick and my dog, Bob.
2.  My secret talent is not a secret, but I have read almost all the fiction books in our library and I can book talk any of them at the drop of a hat which greatly helps with students’ book selections when they come for checkout.
3.  My favorite local Nashville spot is Avo-because it is vegan.
4.  If you could eliminate 1 librarian stereotype it would be the unhelpful shusher.
5. My favorite book or author is...Tove Jansson, Betty Smith, and Dr. Seuss/P.D. Eastman.
6. The literary character I most identify with is Little My from Tove Jansson’s Moomin series. She’s crafty and mischievous.
7.  I decided to become a school librarian because I wanted to share my love of reading.
8.  I would love to travel to anywhere, but I especially love New York because of the plethora of vegan restaurants there.
10.  I think life is better with dogs and vegan food.

Get to know my library!

1.  Some of my student's favorite library resources are...Me, because I help them find good things to read; Oliver’s Instagram, @olivermiddlereads; and the Limitless Libraries site.
2.  I am happiest when my library is full of students!
3.  One way I collaborate with teachers is...I went to a workshop on making Edible Cars last year at a MNPS Librarians’ PD day that was fantastic. I ended up collaborating on this project with our 6th grade teachers last year and I am excited that they would like to do it again this year!
4.  I would love to have laptops and a couch.
5.  The thing I love most about my library is that it is warm and welcoming to all.
6.  My library is busiest when 1st thing in the morning before school starts when I have students using computers, sitting and relaxing, doing homework, checking out, ordering from Limitless, printing projects, etc.
7.  My library is quietest at dismissal.
8.  I think every library needs an enthusiastic Librarian!

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