Monday, April 17, 2017

Lynn Lilley, Librarian at McGavock High School
Get to know me!

1. My family includes...  my husband Don and our dog Kelsey.  (She is a lab mix that showed up on or doorstep almost six years ago). 
2.  My secret talent is … I was somehow able to get through a season of coaching a middle school girls’ basketball team and I have never played the sport in my life. 

3.  My favorite local Nashville spot is... actually in Joelton.  It is called The Country Junction.  It is a meat and three.  Not only do they have great food, they treat their customers like family.  We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries there.  Later this month the restaurant will be featured on the program Tennessee Crossroads.  

4.  If you could eliminate 1 librarian stereotype it would be... that all librarians do each day is read and shush people. 

5.  My favorite author is... Nicholas Sparks.  (I also like that he lives in my home town of New Bern, NC).

6.  The literary character I most identify with is...  Pollyanna.  I strive to be optimistic whenever possible.

7.  I would love to travel to... Maine.  I have a friend from church who grew up there.  After listening to her talk about her home state, I have placed visiting there on my “bucket list”.   

8.  I think life is better with... pets.  (I would love to adopt more furry family members but haven’t convinced my husband). 

Get to know my library!

1.  Some of my student's favorite library resources are... our manga and graphic novels, DVD’s, and LibGuides.   

2. I am happiest when my library is... OPEN!!!  I really dislike the days the library is closed for testing.

3. One way I collaborate with teachers is... while attending Academy meetings.
4. I would love to have... a vending machine in the hallway for our most popular library materials (like the machines NPL has at some of their branches).  If the library is closed, students could still check out materials. 

5.  The thing I love most about my library is... the way it looks now since it had a total makeover in 2015.  I still can’t believe the transformation.  

6.  My library is busiest when... students have deadlines to meet.

7.  My library is quietest when... I get here at 6:10 … by 6:30 not so much. 

8.  I think every library needs... to be a safe place for students to learn, read and create.  

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