Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rebecca Ownby, Librarian at Antioch Middle Prep

Get to know me!

1.  My family includes...my husband, my son (who just turned 18!) and me!
2.  My secret talent is...playing trumpet.
3.  My favorite local Nashville spot is...Beaman Park.
4.  If you could eliminate 1 librarian stereotype it would be...The Shhhhhh!
5. My favorite book or author is...The "Little House" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
6. The literary character I most identify with is... Ida B.
7.  I decided to become a school librarian because...I love books (organizing them, collecting them, reading them, repairing them, suggesting them, etc....).
8.  I would love to travel to...Ireland.
10.  I think life is better with...warm hugs.

Get to know my library!

1.  Some of my student's favorite library resources are...LIMITLESS LIBRARIES, LIMITLESS LIBRARIES, LIMITLESS LIBRARIES!!!
2.  I am happiest when my library is...in motion (lots of bodies moving around, browsing and selecting books!).
3.  One way I collaborate with teachers is...but in on conversations and planning in the hallway!
4.  I would love to have...a laptop cart so I could rid myself of 32 desktops in my "flex space" that doesn't flex currently!
5.  The thing I love most about my library is...that I have been able to use my "things" to decorate it and make it warm and welcoming and somewhat personalized (YES I LOVE STAR WARS AND THE HOBBIT LIKE A MAD, CRAZY WOMAN!).
6.  My library is busiest when...I least expect it to be!
7.  My library is quietest when...we have a pep rally!
8.  I think every library needs...to be inviting and exciting to draw people in.

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