Monday, April 10, 2017

Ruth Anstey (L), Librarian at Cole Elementary

Also pictured- Jayne Johnson (R), Library Clerk at Cole Elementary

Get to know Ruth!

My family includes 3 adult children, 5 grandchildren and 1 coming in July, brothers and cousins. But at the house is my husband and almost 20 year old grandson.

My secret talent or passion is jumping into every available body of water,  (stream, creek, lake, ocean, or fountain) no matter the weather. I love water skiing and swimming.

My favorite local Nashville spot is the yard of the Girl Scout center. My family used to live in the house that was there so I love to walk the yard and see my trees.

If I could eliminate 1 librarian stereotype it would be “Shhhhhhhh!”

My favorite author is Lucy Maud Montgomery so I love all the Anne series (my mother-in-love was from PEI and gave me all her old copies) and I’ve identified with Anne since I was 11.

I decided to become a school librarian because I saw the fun Jill Lambert at Whitsitt was having after she came back from getting her librarian degree after teaching 2nd with me.  We both love books and wanted our students to become great readers.

I would love to travel to Prince Edward Island (did anyone NOT guess that?).

I think life is better with feet in water and a good book to read.

Get to know the Cole Elementary Library!

Some of my student’s favorite library resources are the biographies and Pebble Go. They love any chance to read articles from there.

I am happiest when my library is full of students excited about the books they are getting especially when they are reading series and find the next book they wanted.

One way I collaborate with teachers is by email and when they come in for resources with their classes.  I would love to have more computers for them to use for research.

The thing I love about my library is my clerk, Jayne Johnson’s knowledge of the collection and her pleasantness with the students. She has so many decorations for each season and subject and keeps it an inviting place to be.

My library is busiest in the mornings when students are anxious to get another book after they have finished reading and then need to get to class.

My library is quietest when testing is going on because the teachers keep the students with them or with the ladies who are conducting the tests.

I think every library needs someone in charge who makes reading and learning fun and not necessarily quiet!

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