Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tia Tate, Librarian at Old Center Elementary

Get to know me!

1.  My family husband Glenn and daughter Tian.

2.  My secret talent is...I can grow most anything.

3.  My favorite local Nashville spot is...TPAC.

4.  If you could eliminate 1 librarian stereotype it would be...we sit around and read all day.

5. My favorite book or author true favorite.

6. The literary character I most identify with is...I never thought about that.

7.  I decided to become a school librarian because...reading is a passion and that seemed the best way to spread that love of reading.

8.  I would love to travel to...Washington State.

10.  I think life is better, friends and good food.

Get to know my library!

1.  Some of my student's favorite library resources are...books-all the  books!

2.  I am happiest when my library is...full of students reading and writing.

3.  One way I collaborate with teachers is...through grade level planning notes and emails.

4.  I would love to have...a  maker space area.

5.  The thing I love most about my library is...the overwhelming feeling you get when you first walk in.  Its amazing!

6.  My library is busiest on Thursdays and Fridays.

7.  My library is quietest are lost in books.

8.  I think every library needs...comfy places to sit and read.

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